One Evening at Aspropyrgos

f/4 for 2 sec
f/4 for 8 sec
On my Post on Friendly Animals I said that its not possible to use a tripod on board a ship because of the engine vibrations, but there are exceptions to it, like in here when my ship was at port in the beautiful suburb of Aspropyrgos in Greece. We were alongside in calm waters of the port with engines stopped. It was one of those rare instances when I could use a tripod, and I did use it to get a few twilight photographs. The sun has barely set off the horizon and lights were just coming on.Timing was crucial here as the bluish sky lasted for about 2 to 3 minutes only. A little later the sky would have become darker or a little earlier the lights could not be exposed well. The tiny stars in the second photo are probably Venus and Jupiter if my memory serves me right.
The photograph was exposed by one stop more than what the camera recommended. Inspite of placing the camera on a tripod and using a remore release the 8 second exposure on the second photograph has caused a slith blur. This is due to the miniscule vibrations of the ships generators. But this gives the image a soft look and I liked it a lot.


Lazy Spook said...

I really like the first photograph here.. beautifull captured! :)

Jim said...

what a wonderful night capture