Santa's Way

The bright spotlight was obstructed by Santa's Beard, and created a nice glowing effect. Nice Christmas time photograph.

Standing Tall

Black and white photographs can create amazing effects and give a Photograph life, when colours fail to do so.


Went low down on the beach, and waited for the surf to come to me. I love the bubble that poped up in the photograph.

Colourful Condiments

I was surprised to see the sheer variety of spices, both in terms of colour and taste. Got a nice spot to capture a birds eye view of the stall.

Guava Cheese a X'mas Delicacy

Used natural sunlight for this Photograph, Adjusted the amount of light by drawing the curtains

Baby Doll

Its Hard to Photograph a Child. Learnt it when i tried this shot. Took me 30-40 minutes to get this shot right.

The Taj at Mumbai

Photograph clicked 5 minutes after sunset , with the setting on moon.
Camera used Sony Cybershot

Gateway of India

Instead of the tripod, Placed the camera on the Floor, after letting twilight to set in and the camera setting was on Moon.