Santa's Way

The bright spotlight was obstructed by Santa's Beard, and created a nice glowing effect. Nice Christmas time photograph.

Standing Tall

Black and white photographs can create amazing effects and give a Photograph life, when colours fail to do so.


Went low down on the beach, and waited for the surf to come to me. I love the bubble that poped up in the photograph.

Colourful Condiments

I was surprised to see the sheer variety of spices, both in terms of colour and taste. Got a nice spot to capture a birds eye view of the stall.

Guava Cheese a X'mas Delicacy

Used natural sunlight for this Photograph, Adjusted the amount of light by drawing the curtains

Baby Doll

Its Hard to Photograph a Child. Learnt it when i tried this shot. Took me 30-40 minutes to get this shot right.