Photographed it after Sunset on banks of Nethravathi River. Placed my camera on a tripod, framed the scene, set the auto focus to wide and aperture to the smallest f/8 .
Clicked with self timer of 2 sec to negate any camera shake, when pressing the shutter button.
A image or sky reflected on water makes an interesting monochromatic image with tonal variations. Such reflections also add symmetry to an image.

Reflectons in a Well

At Kudupu in the outskirts of Mangalore is this well, nothing special about it, except that I found the water so clear that I could see more that 20 ft under. The trees reflecting on the water and on the left the palm of a coconut tree fallen and lying gracefully underneath the water all adds some kind of serenity to the well.
Photographed with the smallest aperture f/8 that i could to get in all the details ;1.2sec shutter speed.


When I visited my sister-in-law at Bangalore, she made sure I had a banquet. One of the items was this appetizing salad. It was so attractive that I only had to click a snap and got a near perfect photograph. She had no clue of my intentions of blogging this one, but still the near perfect slices and the well placed coriander leaf with a tiny little water droplet on it, still makes my stomach growl with hunger.


St. Patrick Church in Bangalore ; the twilight was just setting in and the sky was in rich royal blue. Dawn and dusk are the best time to shoot blue skies. The sky during winter also has pure blue shades to it. For photographing extremely dark blue, the evening sky after sunset has the best shade. Setting the WB in your camera to tungsten can also help bring out new blue hues.

Champagne Glasses

Clicked this at a party, where I didn't carry my tripod, had to place the camera on the table top and hence my framing was severely restricted.
Probably just photographing the clear reflection would have sufficed here.
f/8 ; 1sec ; iso 100

Venus and the Moon

Twilight was just about to commence , with Venus and moon rising before the Sun. Set my camera for a long 20 second exposure to get this calm looking photograph of the horizon. Since the exposure was long and the ship moving, the planet and the crescent moon have come a bit blurred.

Glimpses of Singapore

A water fountain at Marina Center. I tried to frame it in such a way, that the lines would lead the viewer to the center of the photograph, wasn't quite successful though.

Singapore's Skyline with the Merlion at the bottom center.
There are innumerable water fountains in Singapore and the place provides ample opportunities to photograph reflections. Just remember to use the smallest available aperture (biggest f value).
The Cavenagh Bridge, named after Singapore's last Governor and Constructed in 1868; the bridge still boasts of its original splendour. Right next to the bridge is the bronze statue shown below.

This was my favorite of all the innumerable statues that line Singapore. Originally called the "First Generation" it shows 5 Bronze boys jumping into the Singapore waterway.

The Merlion is Singapore's most famous icon. It was designed by Fraser Brunner for the Singapore Tourism Board in 1964 and was used as its logo till 1997. The lion head and fish body of the creature recalls the story of the legendary Sang Nila Utama, who saw a lion while hunting on an island, en route to Malacca. The island eventually became the sea port of Temasek, which later led to the development of the beautiful Singapore.

Esplanade theater on the Bay, is designed to represent the Durian fruit (Fruit similar to Jack fruit). The place is a center of arts, dramas and Operas.
The city of Singapore is a wonderland for all those interested in urban or architectural photography.

Formation Flying

F-16 fighting Falcons of Singapore's Black Knight perform at the Singapore Air Show 2008. I was on board the ship and my H7 camera with 15x zoom was inadequate to cover a airshow. But fortunately for me, these aircraft preferred to carry out their low level acrobatic over sea and with a UV filter fitted to my camera managed to photograph these heart pounding maneuvers.
Since these aircraft are at hight speed, there is hardly any time for framing or focusing. Hence I used aperture Priority mode, set the aperture on f/8 and set the focus on infinity and went on a shutter clicking spree and the aircrafts approached me.

Ship on Fire

This is how a ship looks when it's on fire. We were at Balongan, in Indonesia when a ship 4 miles ahead of us went ablaze. The tugs surrounding the ship were involved in fire fighting and had just moved away, expecting a explosion. After being for four days on fire, the ship finally sank. All crew were saved and there were no casualties.